Earth Orbit Objects

Earth Orbit Objects 5.4

Earth Orbit Objects is free program which predict satellite passes
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Earth Orbit Objects is free program which predict satellite passes for your local or any selected area. Use flat Earth view to display satellite tracks with visibility circle.
The globe view shows selected satellites around the Earth as a sphere and sky view shows satellites as you would see them in a starry night. The line elements are processed using SGP4 and SDP4 for maximum accuracy.
Precision for time and location are threrfore very accurate. Search for transit predictions across selected objects, Sun, Moon or specific celestial points.
Analyse observations to identity a satellite. Auto download and update your elements using Space-Track or Kelso's website. Predict Iridium flares for your location and view the center tracks in Google Earth.
EOO is easy to learn and operate. It provides a highly effective tools to predict, search and observe satellites.
Main features:
- observer's views, map, globe and sky
- selection of up to 15 main satellites
- open an element file of 10,000 satellite or more
- search satellites by name or number
- modify, delete or add satellite data
- information on selected satellite
- satellite tracks
- user selected maps
- up to 7.9 magnitude stars
- transit predictions
- add, modify and delete user location lists
- auto download and update from websites

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